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Thanksgiving: Celebrating The Superior Gender
by John Jazwiec

Thanksgiving. It's a day of thanks and day of family. And I will be celebrating today with all of my "girls" and my son-in-law. 

For almost my entire life, I have lived within a matriarchal family. My mom ran the house when I was a child and my wife has run the house since we have been married. I also have three daughters. From which, I have come to appreciate a truism: women are the superior gender. 

My wife just finished putting on another high school play as a volunteer, For two straight weeks, she didn't get home until after 3AM. At the same time, she has was substituting, at my youngest's parochial high school. Additionally, she has been, the secretary of my youngest school's parent board.

Finally she has kept the house running; with recent neck surgery and she went to bed last night, at 5AM, after preparing the Thanksgiving feast. She is now rising to prepare the meal all day. It's going to be a long slog. 

The great Sir Ken Robinson, says, "women multi-task and are less distracted than men". He once said the following, "my wife can be cooking dinner, helping kids with homework and painting the ceiling at the same time. When I am cooking, I don't want any distractions. If my wife enters the kitchen, I feel like telling her 'Woman can't you see, I am busy in here, trying to fry a damn egg'". Sir Ken Robinson's, cooking analogy, fits the stark differences, between my wife's abilities and mine. Women rule. 

My eldest daughter, is half-way to becoming a doctor, while being a married (to a high school classmate, who she met after both graduated from college, and he is a dad's dream of a son-in-law). She is all but five foot two and 100 pounds. A few years ago, she found out, she had a medical emergency that required major surgery. While working full time, she found the right hospital, had the surgery and was back on a treadmill, the following day, in the hospital. My idea of a workout is cutting the grass once a year. I had major surgery thirty years ago - and I am still bitching about how hard it was. Women rule.

My next youngest daughter got the grades to be accepted at the University of Illinois. I could only get into Northern Illinois and DePaul. She is a prolific writer. Her favorite author is Earnest Hemingway. And as the reader knows; I can barely write a proper grammatical sentence. Forget erudite authors; the last fiction book I read was a Dan Brown book almost ten years ago. Women rule.

My youngest daughter, the senior in high school, just recieved straight A's on her first quarter report card. She has been an honor role student thoughout high school. She also recieved a 100% national composite score, on rhetorical skills. I don't think I every got anything more than a 70% national composite score on anything. The closest I every came to having rhetorical skills; was addressing groups of captive audiences who had to listen. Women rule.

I start out with a set number of things to do everyday. They are very few; and then I rest. My wife has a list of 100 things to do. They are many; and she does not rest, until she falls asleep in a chair, from exhaustion. Women rule.

It is about time, the male gender, realizes women are superior to men.

It is beyond me, why women don't rule the world. Especially now. Women are better social networkers. Women can size people up faster than men. Pain tolerance? No contest. Women are more patient. Women are much better listeners. Women are better than men at collaborating. 

Which begs the question; what do men do? As a member, of reasonably good standing, in this gender club, I have a few thoughts. We don't talk. We can be fooled easily. We turn into toddlers when we are sick. We have no patience. We don't listen. We don't collaborate well. We only do two things reasonably well. We focus on how to get from point A to B. And some of us, realize our gender limitations, and conclude early in life, we can't exist without women in our lives. 

Thank God for creating one superior gender. That is my prayer on this Thanksgiving morning. And I am so thankful I am going to be surrounded by my strong "girls". I am one lucky man. 

Now let's see if I can do my one task right now. I have to cook the turkey on the grill. Wish me luck. I am going to need it. 


I hate to admit that I have to agree with you, John. I used to be a definite male chauvanist and your basic macho guy who thought he always had to be the man of the house. Then I met this amazing woman I could not keep my eyes off of who put herself through law school while working almost full time. I barely passed high school. She is just together in every way that amazes me and totaly runs our marriage. I used to think taking orders from your wife would make me less of a man. No more. I now have no problems being the follower in our marriage because she is just n better at it and I know alot of other guys in the same boat as me. I am crazy about strong women and am so lucky to be with one. I just want to know what strong women see in us.

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