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Boo! Day 7
by John Jazwiec

We all work long days. All we want to do when we get home is have a little relaxation.

The last two nights have been spooky. Nothing all day ... assuming one day of peace for this great nation ... and BOOM another shoe (McCain's word) drops.

To recap the last seven days as concisely as I can -

Monday - Sally Yates, fired-acting Attorney General, testified that she informed White House counsel - not over the phone but at the WH in a secure room - twice that NSC Advisor Flynn was compromised by the Russians. It took the WH 18 days after to fire Flynn (right after it was reported to the Washington Post). Less noted, but perhaps more important, the ex-Director of the DNI Clapper, testified that not only had the Russians tried to influence the 2016 general election, but that threat was ongoing. 

Tuesday - FBI Director Comey is fired. Ostensibly due to the recommendation from the Deputy Attorney General. 

Wednesday - Trump meets with Russia's foreign minister and Russia's Ambassador to the US as a favor to Putin. American reporters were not present in the oval office, but a Russian took pictures of the meeting. 

Thursday - Trump admits that, one factor on his mind in firing Comey, was the "whole Trump and Russia" dustup and he was going to fire Comey regardless of the Deputy AG's report. Thus, rendering all of his talking heads, who pointed to the Deputy AG report as the reason for the firing, as unintentional misleading.

Friday -  It is reported that Trump asked Comey three times for his loyalty and each time it was denied.

Monday - It is reported that Trump - and later verified by Trump - that Trump shared classified intel with the Russians Wednesday and burned Israel, burned an operative within ISIS, and probably tainted cooperation with all US allies in which US counterintelligence is largely sourced. Trump's staff informs the intelligence community of the faux pas. 

Tuesday - It is reported that Comey had memorialized a WH meeting with Trump in which Trump asked Comey to if he could "drop" the investigation of Flynn. 

I guess we will see if Day 8 is different.


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