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My God, Another Bad Day - But Why Trump Probably Leaked The Story Himself
by John Jazwiec

There has been an ongoing argument if Trump has been compromised or is just plain stupid and naive. 

Suddenly the conversation has turned from Trump, the compromised, to Trump the stupid and naive. 

I don't know if Trump has a legal problem or not. The optics of the Comey firing suggested the former.

Nonetheless, the argument has shifted from a legal problem to a competence problem, on Monday.

On a relative basis - not an absolute basis - this shift helps the President. 

Thus, logic tells us, that either Trump leaked it himself (he has a long-track record of doing that) or he had someone else leak it.

A story of Trump as someone who has a "steep" learning curve, is relatively a better story than Trump who has a "legal" problem. 

As to an absolute basis ... it appears from the outside, looking in, to be a Sophie's choice between grasping a daisy or a tree, as someone is falling off a cliff.

I hope I am 100% wrong.


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