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The Optics Days After, More Bizarre, And GOP MIA
by John Jazwiec

I will try to quickly summarize what happened yesterday and early this morning. If I missed anything bizarre, it is either an input or output personal constraint due to extreme volume. 

Trump admitted he fired Comey (a) regardless of the Attorney General and the New Deputy Attorney General, (b) had "Trump and Russia on his mind" and (c) had dinner with Comey and asked the soon-to-be fired FBI Director if he was under investigation.

I have not seen one news account that explains something obvious regarding (a): the new Deputy Attorney General had threatened to resign due to the White House narrative that the firing started with his report/letter. In other words, Trump had to go on national TV with Lester Holt to keep his Deputy Attorney General from resigning. 

Putting aside "Trump (speaking of oneself in the third person is the very definition of narcissism) and Russia on his mind", multiple sources have confirmed that Trump asked for Comey's loyalty at said dinner. Comey said "he could promise honesty but couldn't promise loyalty"

Then in a bizarre move, Trump threatened Comey in a tweet: "James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!". That infers that Trump has broken the norms that have existed since 1993 and has a taping system in the White House". 

Whether the tapes contradict Comey's leaked rebuttal of Trump's version of the dinner or there was something else said by Comey that was embarrassing, you have a US president basically engaging in extortion like Putin. And there maybe "tapes" that could be subpoenaed - Nixon-like - that would include much more conversations than the Comey dinner.

The real crisis, as I have mentioned before, is a crisis of credibility. Yesterday that crisis of credibility extended to the entire White House. Trump's interview ruined the credibility of Trump's talking heads and the Vice President, who told an entirely different account of the events leading to Comey being fired.

I get why the GOP is playing for time. They are on the precipice of getting what they have long wanted - healthcare and tax reform (what they think is best for the country regardless of the reader's ideology) - and they need Trump and his pen. 

But Trump is either trying to hide something or he is acting like someone who doesn't resemble the behavior of what the presidency is supposed to be about, which is to be the president of all Americans, serving with the necessary credibility of the cherished office he holds. 

It's not whether the GOP will end being MIA. It's now rather when.


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