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The Optics Of Day After? Right Out Of A Bizzaro World
by John Jazwiec

While Trump's presidency has seemed like a reality show, yesterday it felt like it went much further.

Like some kind of Bizzaro World.

Forgetting about the bombshells, that may have lead to Comey's firing and how screwed up/misdirected the communication was, the optics were insane. 

First Trump sits down with a 93-year old Henry Kissinger. Was Nixon's NSC and Secretary of State - known iconically for kneeling in prayer with a tearful Nixon right before Nixon resigned - a coincidence or Trump trolling his detractors?

Then Trump brings in Russia's Foreign Minister (who hadn't been invited to the White House since 2013), Russia's US Ambassador (the guy at the center of the storm with Flynn) and a Russian - with no security clearance - who takes pictures in the Oval office where the US press wasn't invited.

Was Trump just gullible? How do we know the guy with no security clearance wasn't also bugging the oval office? Or was Trump again just trolling.

Finally, Putin weighs into all the Comey controversy - like some de facto head of the US - in a hockey jersey?

I am not in a position to defend nor indict Donald Trump. I will leave that to the checks and balances of the US Constitution. But I am questioning the impact of the eroding credibility of Trump. And yesterday didn't help.


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