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Trump - Why It Should Matter
by John Jazwiec

Two quick stats to "prime the pump".

  1. 29% of Americans disagree with Trump firing Comey, while 38% agree and 32% have no opinion.
  2. French presidential election: 65% to 35%.

Do you know the difference between France and the US? The former has seen Republics come and go on a regular basis since the US Republic was formed. They also - along with the rest of Europe - can "see Russia from their house". Put more simply, the French people have a lot at stake and they are lower on the Hierarchy of Needs than the US. 

On the other hand, Americans have taken the Republic and democracy for granted. Our elections lurch from one party to another and from one president to another, like some kind of reality show, with an insatiable need for new contestants and drama. 

From my perspective, I have seen the country move from post-World War II presidents to non-post-World War presidents. Truman through Bush 43 were shaped, in large part, from World II and the Great Depression. Again, put more simply, they were grounded by the great responsibility of being president and understood they were servants to maintaining the post-World War/Great Depression aftermath with an eye to a past they experienced.

Clinton tore down all the banking reforms from the Great Depression. Bush 44 almost bankrupted the country. And Obama began the current migration to military isolation. 

The US is made up of at least 32% of people who don't care enough to be informed. Our elections - based on the popular vote are more 52/48% than 65/35%. Leaving the country vulnerable to the smallest of opinion swings. 

Now the US is lead by the coin flip of Trump. Who may or may not have been compromised (surely if I can do the coin flip math, so could Russia). But who is most definitely without the needed temperament and/or has some kind of mental/personality disorder that endangers the norms of presidential behavior and the constitution. 

Why does Trump matter? Because we have lost sight of how tenuous our Republic is due to (a) an electorate that doesn't feel they need to be informed, (b) our tendencies to lurch from one to another party and president and (c) how close our elections are.


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