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Vive La France
by John Jazwiec

Vive La France.

The nation of France voted against dangerous populism overwhelming on Sunday. Western values/Obama bested Russia/Trump by 65% to 35%. 

I believe the thumping was due to two large factors. One that should send a message to Trump and the other due to location.

France - although derided by Americans for their national native blood pride - nonetheless showed that the country is far more tolerant to immigration in the face of terrorism.

France saw what was happening in America. If it could happen here, the French knew that their perilous Republic, was far more at risk than an America with checks and balances. The sent a clear message to Russia and Trump.

They also are quantumly closer to the ongoing Russian asymmetrical campaign of Russian influence/takeover. 

Thus the center held.

Never have I been more proud of my French ancestry.  

Vive La France!


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