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Trump's Military - July Bookends
by John Jazwiec

I wrote the following in my July 1st post

Carl Bernstein - of Watergate reporting fame - has brought an air of caution when talking about Trump's Russian investigation probe by Bob Mueller. Why? Because Bernstein has been there before. And knows what an incredibly high bar is required for Trump's presidency to be put in jeopardy.

So his recent comments - specifically calling out Trump's "malignant presidency" - are noteworthy. Bernstein is not talking about anything legal. Rather he is calling for the press - who gain largesse from reporting Trump's various weird actions - to begin to report that the military and the leadership of the Republican party increasingly feel that Trump isn't intellectually nor temperamentally fit for the presidency and to protect the country. Bernstein says that such national leaders were concerned about such matters after the election but now their worst fears have been confirmed.

Then, General Kelly is installed as Chief of Staff replacing Reince Priebus, last Friday. This on the heels of Trump installing his vulgar mini-me Steve Scaramucci, as his WH communication director. Sean Spicer resigned. Scaramucci's was likely brought in to defend Trump and pave the way for Trump to get rid of Priebus. 

Trump also shined a diversionary "gold coin" last week on LGBT's in the military. The military was caught off guard. They denounced Trump's message. Trump was also boxed in by Congress with respect to Russia. The walls seemed to be closing in. 

But all of this seamed "logical" in the equipoise of the Trump organization. 

But then General Kelly - according to reports - "helped" to end Scaramucci ten-day role at the WH this afternoon.

Only two explanations can account from all of these knee-jerk behavior/decisions. Either Trump is playing some kind of three-dimensional chess, OR the Military/GOP has taken some, or a lot of, Trump's keys away. 

I hope I am wrong. But July - from my notes - seemed to have been bookends to a story not yet told.


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