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Trump's Real Stock Market III
by John Jazwiec

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The political abstractionists are peddling some pretty damning stories on Trump. As a political abstractionist, I am concerned about any attempt to fire an AG, to perhaps fire the Assistant AG and to remove the special prosecutor. I am also concerned about the president's general behavior - guilty or not - that makes him "look" guilty. Not to mention going to a Boys Scout jamboree, saying he has been the most successful president since FDR and talking about hot girls, to young boys. 

But I always check what I have called "Trump's Real Stock Market". Like all markets, it has support/resistance levels. These technical levels are important. As long as they "trade" within support/resistance levels, everything is status quo.

Trump's disapproval resistance level is 60%. Trump's approval support level is 36%. On a whole, these numbers are not good from an historical perspective. They are the poorest of any modern president in his first 180 days.

But what is far more of interest, given abstractionists pummeling the president with real concerning facts and behavior, is it hasn't changed the status quo of Trump's standing with the country. The abstractionists have real concerns, but the transactionists clearly don't care.

And why should they? The threat of Russia is an abstraction. Immigrants being deported is a real transaction. Beating up Washington is a real transaction. Trump hiring rich guys is an abstraction. Trump's rallies are transactions. Obamacare? The dual transaction of continuing benefits, while seeing a president beating up everyone for not fixing it, is THE PERFECT TRANSACTION.

Some of my fellow abstractionists see Trump as a bumbling idiot. I do not. I think he understands the differences between abstraction and transaction better than anyone. Trump - for 71 years - has been a true transactionist. He destains abstraction.

His bet - and one I happen to think has a better than 50% chance of succeeding - is his solid base of transactionists, are enough to convince GOP politicians (politicians are the ultimate transactionists) to side with him when it comes to firing leading Justice Department Officials; including the special prosecutor. 

I will have the same opinion - to the disdain of my fellow abstractionists - until Trump's Real Stock Market breaks its support/resistance levels. 

Remember that the Nixon Saturday Night Massacre may have been a shock to the system. But it didn't bring down a president, with similar transactional support. Other factors - political, time and the REAL certainty of crimes, lead to Nixon's approval rating falling below successive support levels before he was eventually forced to resign.

All of which to say, at the risk of upsetting abstractionists, is that Trump's presidency is not in any danger. No matter how much fact seems to be against him, how inappropriate the language of his new press director has been and probably the potential firing the leaders of the Justice Department and Bob Mueller. 

The First Amendment guarantees a free press. Abstractionists take great solace in this fact. But the First Amendment doesn't guarantee that transactional people will read it. 


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