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A Story Now Better Told
by John Jazwiec

But then General Kelly - according to reports - "helped" to end Scaramucci ten-day role at the WH this afternoon.

Only two explanations can account from all of these knee-jerk behavior/decisions. Either Trump is playing some kind of three-dimensional chess, OR the Military/GOP has taken some, or a lot of, Trump's keys away. 

I hope I am wrong. But July - from my notes - seemed to have been bookends to a story not yet told. - July 31st.

Time Magazine has a new cover story out that reports on General Kelly's decision to become Trump's chief of staff.

First, Kelly was asked by Trump to be his chief of staff twice and turned down both offers. 

Second, Kelly, after being influenced by Mattis, McMaster, and Dunford - fellow military associates - was convinced to take the job as a duty to country, in the midst of an emerging dangerous North Korean crisis, in which they all agree Trump can't be completely trusted due to his temperament and lack of knowledge of foreign affairs.

Third, Kelly told the WH staff - all three hundred - that their duty was to country, the president and the American people. In that order. All things that are supposed to be implied in their role as members of the executive branch, but were not necessarily how they were acting. 

This has now gone from a story not yet told, to a story better told. The military hasn't taken away Trump's keys. But they are acutely aware that this president must be better managed. And it is hard to see, how they would allow Trump - beyond rhetoric - to make any North Korean military action unilaterally. 


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