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How To Effectively Lead
by John Jazwiec

Perhaps, my greatest problem with Trump, is he doesn't know how to lead. 

I have very different ideas on how to lead. Some are common sense and some may seem counter-intuitive.

The following is my leadership philosophy - 

Clearly articulate a strategy. Everyone needs to understand what the problem is and how you want to solve it. There is no substitute for establishing how the world is and how it can be made better. 

Clearly establishing the message of a strategy. There are many forms to communication. But the best form of communication is the power of story. A clearly articulated narrative - of what the problem is, why it is urgent to solve it and how it will make the world better - is the necessary platform for all internal and external activities.

Put the right people in the right chairs. No strategy, whether it is right, compelling and/or clearly articulated, will work unless a leader is able to recruit/retain self-motivated creative people. 

Guide perhaps, but get the hell out of the way. With the right strategy, the right foundation of communication and the right people, it is imperative to allow everyone to own the movement. They need the freedom to execute it without being micro-managed. At the same time, a leader has to accept the mundane job of flying at 50,000 feet - leaving themselves out, on purpose, of what are the more exciting jobs of tactical daily activities - so that he or she can help guide and mentor periodic adjustments that are required. 

It's not about you, but them. A leader should be a servant. The job is about how you can serve all stakeholders. How you can remove roadblocks. How you can communicate so everyone - although there are layers of organization and specialty required to function - understands what has gone on each week and what is going on the next. A leader works for the people, not the other way around. 

Don't take yourself too seriously. No one wants to work for a goofball. But being yourself and having people feel free to make fun of you, is the best way to break down barriers. 

Let's now view Trump through this lens. 

Trump has a slogan of "Making America Great Again". But he lacks one big part of clearly establishing a strategy and communicated it: how it is going to make the world better.

Trump to his credit has put some of the right people in the right chairs, but he has no comprehension of getting the hell out of the way. 

Trump doesn't get it's not about you, it's about them. Everything Trump does has one constituency: Trump. 

Perhaps the part he really doesn't get - most likely due to his deep-seated insecurities - is to not take himself too seriously. Can you picture Trump at the WH Correspondence Dinner, being lampooned and laughing at himself?

Someone one that lacks a plan to make the world better, lacks a will to let others shine, is incapable of seeing his job as a servant and makes himself inaccessible because he can't laugh off his faults - which is what makes us all human - can't effectively lead.  


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