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If Trump Is Really Innocent, His Strategy Makes Total Sense
by John Jazwiec

I view Trump through the prism of what drives him - what is best for Trump.

Only Trump knows if he has something to hide. Let's assume he is completely innocent in regards to Russia and his finances. 

By attacking Republicans and placing the blame on them for (a) not building his wall (Josh Green's new book is a must read - in it, he describes how Trump's advisors kept immigration simple for Trump to stay on message, by reducing its complexity to a rhetorical "wall"), (b) failing to repeal/replace Obamacare, (c) not enacting tax reform, and (d) shutting down the government, he sees two possible outcomes. The best-case scenario is for Trump Republicans to primary establishment Republicans and remake the party. The worst-case scenario is for the Democrats to take over Congress.

Since Trump is innocent, in this assumption, he has a ready-made answer to why he couldn't get anything done in his first term. While much has been made about his 36% favorable rating, that means nothing when it comes to the 2020 primary and the general election. Trump is polling 30 to 40 points higher than any GOP challenger. And in the general election, he not only has a solid base, but I don't see a Democrat that could beat him except for Obama. And that isn't constitutionally possible. 

In addition, his base - and he knows it - doesn't get any economic benefit for the repeal and replace of Obamacare. They just hate it in the abstract. How about tax reform? The GOP sees tax reform as a way to lower taxes on the wealthy. Trump's voters want tax reform in the abstract. But again, they would see no economic gain.

If Trump is really innocent, his strategy makes total sense for someone who puts himself ahead of everything else.


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