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North Korean Crisis Has Nothing To Do With Nuclear Weapons
by John Jazwiec

The Kim dynasty is a corrupt cult of personality, where military personnel are motivated to serve, because they get housing and enough to eat, while the rest of the population does not. Thus subverting military personnel and families to defend the Kim dynasty. Their military, their sheer numbers and tactical artillery, also have historically been both a deterrent to South Korea and it's ally the US, and a means to unite the Korean continent. Finally they also see an ICBM/Nuclear capability as another way to buttress the regime.

For its part, China looks upon North Korea as a pain, but it's the only buffer between a China surrounded by a US allied-Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. Forget about the economic arguments. China's trade with North Korea pales in comparison with the US. So UN votes on economic sanctions - with Chinese support - mean little to China. But keeping Kim and North Korea as a buffer is paramount. China would also bear the brunt of any refugee crisis from any military action. And it is important to note that Koreans are cultural different from Chinese. 

Also, tough talk from Trump and Mattis isn't intended for a North Korean nor Chinese audience. Rather it is intended for a South Korean audience. Senator Lindsey Graham teased that out days ago, if you listened closely. He said that any war would be fought "there" vs. "here".

The South Korean government has not wanted to provoke the North by deploying US THAAD missile technology that is already on the ground. Paradoxically, while the US ICBM shield isn't proven (some argue it is and some have taken great pains to say it isn't), THAAD is.

THAAD is capable of defending about a 100 mile radius horizontally and vertically. Seoul could be protected - to the extent it has enough missiles - if THAAD is operational. 

The US can't just fire off a nuclear warhead at North Korea. For many reasons. But the largest two are that China would be affected by its fallout and the US would break a +70 year history of the world using nuclear weapons only as a deterrent. 

No, the US's best chance to maintain peace - besides diplomacy - is for the South to deploy THAAD, position regular and cyber (knocking down North Korean command-and-control) military power to the region in months and not days, all in order to discourage the North from what the US and China fear most: a military war of utter people and economic destruction of the Korean Peninsula. Besides the inhuman threat, such a war would severely damage the world economy. Both the US and China can't have both.


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