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Phoenix - The Original Sin Was Booking The Gig
by John Jazwiec

I once heard Jerry Seinfeld say "that a comedian's food is laughs".

I suppose that's why old rock groups keep playing. They miss the cheers.

The reaction from what Trump said in Phoenix, rightfully so, was unpresidential and bat sh*t crazy. But the original sin was booking the gig in the first place.

If you go see someone like Tom Petty, you expect him to play all his greatest hits. That's what the gymnasium-size Trump crowd wanted too. And the Donald was more than happy to deliver the performance they wanted. 

This is a president, that has to be delivered every day, a file of news that is flattering to him. And that is not enough.

Trump misses the cheers. His staff knows that. And they had to allow him to perform, even though it was unproductive in every respect, because they have the thankless job of trying to manage a performer's volatile and depressive mental state. 


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