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The Democratic Party's Only Winning Formula
by John Jazwiec

The ill-advised shift of the DNC - lurching to the left as a response to Trump called "A Better Deal" - is a total misread of the country's zeitgeist and strategically makes no sense.

Most times the best offense is to exploit the weaknesses of your opponent.

If I was branding a winning name for a new Democratic Party, I would call it "Rationalism". 

Trump and today's GOP - totally different from the past GOP I called home - isn't rational. It has a disdain for any intellectualism or any guiding principle. The party of William F. Buckley and George Will has sold it's sole for a hodgepodge of desperate voters that now include the Tea Party, White Nationals and Anti-Immigrants. Truth and basic arithmetic are subverted for votes and sustained tribalism to ensure political survival.

The Tea Party isn't rational. It posits any federal funding as a populist evil, where the only winners are people that need an anti-Washington dopamine fix and the politicians who hypocritically enjoy the economic and power benefits from the very institution they feign to despise.

While Nationals are not rational. They long for the days of yore - which history has naturally obliterated as it always does - and think that the GOP has the power to reverse the one constant in the universe: that time only moves forward.

Anti-Immigration isn't rational. Economies grow from two sources: productivity and population gains. While I applaud the need for smarter immigrants - in this regard, I am more demanding in that I don't think foreign students who matriculate from the greatest universities in the world should have a choice in their future citizenships - there are simply too many jobs that non-immigrants are unwilling to do. And these uneducated immigrants, do go on to spend their wages on staples that sustain and grow our economy.

Furthermore, the workers who get their staples from say 7-Eleven, go on to become owners of 7-Elevens, and their children go on to college and become the next Ted Cruz's and Marco Rubio's. Finally, Cruz and Rubio - like millions of Americans who found success after one generation who were not considered "desirable" - turning on their roots shows gross hypocrisy. 

A Democratic "Rationalism" would be in stark contrast. Instead of progressive reform - bordering on not being rational - would be a party that is based on facts, would be based on the arithmetic of CBO scoring, would be a based on intellectual reasoning, and would be based on telling the truth and a lack of hypocrisy.  

Political parties change. They always have. They change because of voids left by failed ruling parties in the present. The country isn't longing for more spending and a larger government. But it is, and will be, longing for an end to "truthful hyperbole" and straight and reasoned talk. 

That's a party I would support. If only so the GOP is forced to make needed changes that have been laid bare by being in the majority, not being able to govern and nominating a president who was able to subvert their party due to inherent weaknesses. 


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