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The Effect Of The Missing Obama On Our Children
by John Jazwiec

Caroline Randall Williams - someone who was too young to vote until 2016 - asked for former President Barack Obama to make a return to public life and weigh in on the current administration in an op-ed in today's New York Times. 

The reality, is that Obama can't return to public life for two reasons. It breaks precedent and it would only inflame Trump's supporters, which would be counterproductive.

But I do sympathize with Williams, as I do with my own children.

Williams, again like my children, thought Obama's moral clarity, temperament, empathy and his ability to be a hands-on healer-in-chief, was normal because that is what they grew up with. 

Trump, as been said many times, is the polar opposite of Obama. So our children feel whipsawed and abandoned.

I would tell Ms. Williams, just as I do with my children, that what they saw as normal under Obama, was in reality extraordinary. Obama was JFK without the baggage. Obama was our children's perfectly realized national father figure.

Now they have to grow up and learn to live under an imperfect creepy older uncle. 

And the only way to "fix it", is to become more politically active and to vote. That's the only way to get rid of this older uncle.

But I would also say, they have to ultimately accept a new president that isn't the likes of Obama. Obama was a once-in-a-generation president. He and/or his facsimile isn't coming back. So don't waste the time waiting for a perfectly realized national father figure. Just vote for a better uncle or bigger brother or sister.


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