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Trump Is Devoid Of The American Character Of Morals And Love
by John Jazwiec


Short of censure, Bob Corker of Tennessee, denounced Trump yesterday - and as one of his earliest and largest supporter - it was striking.

The military chiefs of staff have denounced Trump's racist comments. Business leaders have turned their back on Trump due to his racist comments. 

Heather Heyer's mother is refusing to take a call from Trump. 

James Murdoch has denounced Trump and donated $1 million to the ADL. Fox's Sheppard Smith denounced Trump on Fox.

Trump tweeted a response to the Barcelona terrorist attack pointing out an old wives tale of General Pershing - in the Philippines executing Muslims with pig blood on bullets - that is racially repugnant to Muslims and Jews.

Simply put, Trump fundamentally misunderstands the American character of the nation and what the world counts on. That's a genie that is almost impossible to put back in the bottle. 

We count on moral clarity and love.

Love as a force is so much more powerful than hate. It's a tool that leaders understand. Trump doesn't love anyone but himself.

An ordinary citizen - Heather Heyer's mother - has forgiven her daughter's killer. Charlottesville sang songs of loves in a moving ceremony. 

Maybe you have seen the movie Invictus. It is the story of love overcoming hate. As inspiring as the movie is, the real reaction of the people of South African puts a finer point on the affect of Nelson Mandala's use of love to bring together a fractured nation. 

In Invictus, Mandala used the sport of Rugby - a sport beloved by the whites and hated by non-whites - as one way to bring a nation together. He used other methods. But when you listen to the white Rugby players tell the story of Mandela and its ordinary citizens - the real one's and not the actors - you can see the power of morality and love.



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