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Trump's Real Stock Market IV
by John Jazwiec

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I know Quinnipiac just came out with a bad poll for Trump today. But I follow Gallup's three-day moving average poll. As I have said before, Trump's disapproval resistance level is 59/60% and his approval support level is 36%.

And today, he hit both levels.  

As in any market, those levels will be tested tomorrow and the day after and so on. 

If Trump's base is moving against him, the first sign will be a break in his 36% approval support level. Forget his disapproval resistance level. Trump must maintain his 36% approval support level. As in any market, once a support level is broken, a new support level has to be found. 

At say, a new 33% approval support level, the GOP will probably start to break a bit from Trump. At any approval support level below 30%? It isn't likely going to happen. But if it did, which is an almost impossible if, it would be time to turn the lights out.


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