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Trump's Strategy
by John Jazwiec

Trump has a strategy. I am not sure it is a winning one. But he does have one.

First of all, behind the backdrop of the events of Charlottesville, we know Mueller has Trump's tax returns. If we know it, Trump knows it. That puts a fighter like Trump, in a position of conducting a scorched earth policy.

Step 1. Sow the seeds of insurrection. Trump maybe a racist. But he knows that he has a powerful ally in militant whites capable of spreading armed chaos throughout the nation. 

Step 2. Put the GOP on the spot. Tweeting against GOP politicians is a divide and conquer strategy. What about his legislative "agenda"? Trump doesn't have a legislative agenda. Trump's "agenda" is Trump staying in office.

Step 3. Voting commission. Too much written space has been dedicated to voter suppression. What Trump really wants is to delay and/or "temporarily" suspend the 2020 election.

Step 4. If there is wide-spread insurrection and his voting commission concludes there was election fraud, Trump will seek the power to declare a state of emergency. No elections. Marshal law. Citizen surveillance that would make the Patriot Act blush. He will say the "alt-left" is infiltrated by terrorists and seek the power to identify his enemies and persecute them. 

Step 5. The most risky strategy of them all. Pick a large enough war to wag the dog. 

Mueller has Trump's tax returns. They may show illegalities. They may only show embarrassing details. But steps 1 through 5, would render Mueller's work inconsequential. Trump is betting on people rallying to the flag in times of crisis and supporting the commander-in-chief, regardless of his "relative peccadilloes".

Anyways - whether it works of not - that's Trump's strategy as far as I can decipher. 


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