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Why Defcon 4 And Not 1 Yet
by John Jazwiec

I am advocating censure as a response to Trump. Just like the military term, it sends a signal, very short of war. 

To those advocating the removal of Trump - Defcon 1 - I think it is important to recognize why there needs to be a suitable amount of time before taking any action against Trump's presidency. 

Trump's base maybe eroding. But the militant white stands ready to defend him. 

Defcon 1, right now, would trigger riots and death short of a civil war. The 60% of people that don't support Trump are less likely to be armed, than the fraction of the 36% that support him.

So it is imperative that Trump is warned in stronger terms than before, so hopefully he gets the message. 

That of course is not likely to change Trump. In that case, Washington needs to (a) gain the broad consensus of every American that is not a radical that Trump is harming this country, (b) methodically prepare and pass legislation to ban the hate groups who are going to be descending in every city and (c) carefully prepares a serious counter-insurgency to defend the vast majority of its citizens.

To quote Churchill, "Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning".


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