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Why Would North Korea Test Missiles Against The Waters Around Guam?
by John Jazwiec

There is a method to the madness of Kim's madness.

And it isn't being reported correctly. 

Kim's is asking for plans to "launch 4 conventional missiles against the waters around Guam". Why?

Certainly, it could be argued that, that Kim is just reacted to Trump and doesn't want to lose face.

But I think he is "thinking" of gaming out his defense against an American attack. Namely an artillery/missile attack on South Korea. "Thinking" - asking for plans - also allows him to game the diplomatic process.

He's picking Guam because the 4 missiles would have to travel over Japan, which has deployed and has ready, the US PAC-3 Patriot Missile Defense System. 

By sending 4 missiles over Japan, Kim would be stress testing one of the US's Missile Defense Systems. Not reported - but logical - Japan, in the absence of South Korea, could try to shoot down the 4 missiles.

What if Japan doesn't? Then Kim knows that Japan and the US are not acting in concert or at worst gets to see how other missile defense systems (like on ships patrolling and sites unknown) work/don't work. What if Japan's missile defense system doesn't work? Then Kim would not feel he has to worry about South Korea's defenses. What if Japan's missile defense works? That's good intelligence and the only thing that happens is that 4 missiles didn't fall into the waters off of Guam. Which they likely believe, wouldn't illicit a US response. 

It's madness for sure. But there is some method to it.


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