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Biden Passes The Biden Test
by John Jazwiec


The only Democratic left center candidate, I can think of today, that is capable of beating Trump is older than Trump. His name is Joe Biden. Biden also has something just as important as being left center. He is a fighter and a street brawler. He would be able to go toe-to-toe with Trump when Trump goes into rough politicking. Finally, Biden is a real-blue collar guy who can appeal to white blue collar voters. Trump can successfully pretend he cares about blue collar whites. While Biden doesn't have to pretend. That's who he is. And voters would see that.

Am I saying Joe Biden should run for president in 2020? Yes and no. I think he should, but that is not my decision. What I am saying, is that the Democratic Party needs to think of its nominee in 2020 as someone who passes the Biden test. The person must be a centrist. The person needs to have blue collar bonafides. And the person needs the temperament to be more presidential than Trump, with the wherewithals to verbally punch him in the gut.  

Read Biden's short blog post. It speaks to what is the biggest casualty of "working class job" loss. Dignity. It rejects corporations as villains. It rejects the far left's Bernie-like universal income plans. It is a sober and historically-based view of how American's change their education to befit the times they live in. It is right down the center. And that is the only anti-Trump anecdote. 

Some will say Biden is too old. So is Trump. Some will say Biden some times puts his foot in his mouth. Next to Trump, I don't think that is going to be a problem. Some will say Biden is too scrappy. Too scrappy against Trump is feature, not a bug. 

Amtrak Joe isn't a populist. People know he is smart, but he isn't perceived - nor should be - as an elite. 

And Obama, who now enjoys high favorability ratings - due to Trump - would be a full throttled campaign asset because Biden is his friend as opposed to HRC who was a marriage of convenience. 


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