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Democrats - Bernie Sanders Debating Graham-Cassidy - What Are You Thinking??
by John Jazwiec

Graham-Cassidy health care "reform" is a political and humanitarian disaster.

Giving states more flexibility with less money, is not going to win any governor's support. By 2020, each state will have to build, from scratch, a new health care policy without Medicare. Yes, they can opt of preexisting conditions, but every governor will have to fight a political fight in shaping a plan, that hurts its citizens. That's a recipe for losing their jobs.

According to polling, only 20% of Americans support Graham-Cassidy. People might want to drain the swamp. But not their swamp.

Graham-Cassidy doesn't pass John McCain's rule for parliamentary order (committees, CBO scores). It doesn't pass Graham's own rule for cutting separate deals with states (the bill includes candy for Alaska and Montana). The only reason for the bill - seemingly - is to fulfill a repeal Obamacare promise made almost a decade ago. It's not about helping people or their states. It's about keeping their jobs. Period.

The bill has no health care professional support. Even insurance companies don't want it to pass. The bill has only 8 more days to get done. It has all the appearances of a dead dog.

Except, Bernie Sanders - presumptively with the Democrat's blessing - is going to debate it with Graham-Cassidy - in a televised debate this coming Monday.

I wrote this a few posts back -

Bernie Sanders - despite his appeal with millenniums - was a narcissistic populist with dangerous radical leftist ideas that were and are now unattainable. He kept pushing Clinton to the left. He now keeps pushing the Democratic Party to the left to its own detriment.   

Instead of Graham-Cassidy dying a natural death, with only 20% American supporting it, the narrative moves from a status quo that the majority of Americans want to keep, to a choice between a reckless Graham-Cassidy bill and a more reckless single payer Sanders system. 

It is said that Trump isn't really a Republican. Well, Bernie Sanders isn't a Democrat. Both appear to be out to destroy their adopted parties. The GOP, against all reason, just let Trump happen. And the Democrats, appear to have the same weakness. 

While this post is a political puzzle, 10's of million Americans isn't. People will die. People will be bankrupted. And all for the livelihood of 100 senators and two narcissistic populists - Trump and Sanders - who only care about themselves.


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