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Trump, The Flag? What About John McCain!
by John Jazwiec

At the height of World War II, the Supreme Court struck down a law that forced students to salute the American flag, by a 6-3 majority.

I realize that the reverence to the American flag is deeply personal and divisive. My wife comes from a family of Marines. The flag to her is sacrosanct. 

Trump's deflecting comments - not being able to fulfill his campaign promises on repeal/replace for one - regarding the NFL and its players, was meant to be divisive. While I don't respect an American president making such bombastic comments - this is just the latest one - I do respect fans having differing opinions.

What I can't abide is Trump lambasting John McCain. He said he wasn't a war hero. John McCain was. McCain was told by his captors that he could leave anytime he wanted. He stayed until all of his fellow prisoners were released. 

Now while John McCain is fighting for his life, Trump - because no one is more important to Trump than Trump - is blaming McCain on the defeat of the latest repeal and replace of Obamacare. 

The American flag is supposed to represent our freedoms and the sacrifices of our military to preserve them. 

Trump - the draft dodger - has a problem with a piece of cloth, in which his argument is unconstitutional. But he doesn't have a problem deriding someone who fought for his country, suffered years of voluntary torture to maintain solidarity with his fellow prisoners, who served his country in the Senate for 30 years and is fighting for his life with brain cancer?

That's patriotic? No, that's hypocritical. 


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