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Trump's Real Stock Market VI
by John Jazwiec

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I have been tracking the Gallup Trump Daily Approval/Disapproval this entire year. 

Why? While any poll can be flawed and biased in their approach, Gallup's daily poll uses the same approach every day, however flawed and biased it maybe. 

Hence, it serves a purpose like a flawed and biased stock market. Its trends and tops/bottoms are relevant within relation to each other. 

The poll is published every day and is a three day moving average. Clearly by Sunday - whatever was/is happening from Friday to Sunday - Trump's disapproval hit a new time high of 62% AND his approval hit a new time low of 33%.

From some recent polling by NBC/Wall Street - with different numbers but nonetheless the same trends - it looks to me like independent/"lets give someone new a try" voters are becoming fatigued by the Trump presidency. 

As always, minus something we don't know, all of this doesn't mean anything until 2020 and how a broken Democratic Party reacts. 


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