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Trump - Ego Vs. Guilt

by John Jazwiec

The US intelligence community had determined that Russia interfered in the 2016 election by January of this year and briefed Trump. 

Mueller is investigating - amongst other things - whether the Trump Campaign colluded with the Russian government. 

As to the former point, Trump has taken great pains to be less vigorous in damning and punishing Russia. As to the latter point, Trump has called any allegation of campaign collusion a hoax.

It is important to differentiate President Trump from the "Trump Campaign".

It is possible that the Trump Campaign colluded with Russia. I am not qualified to say whether it is probable.

But I can say, that Trump calling it a hoax, isn't necessarily an admission of guilt. It might just be his ego. It is consistent with Trump's personality to not admit (a) he got unwitting help from Russia when Trump himself believes he won because ... well he is great and he did it by himself and (b) the same would go for members of his campaign staff helping Russia.

I know some anti-Trump voters are drawing a direct line between Mueller's investigation and Trump. They may ending up being right. But right now, on this day, they are engaging in wishful thinking.

I am anti-Trump because of a difference in politics. Specifically, I loathe his actions that are contrary to his position as America's head of state, his profound use of hyper-identity politics and most of his policies.

As such, I believe the best course of action, is to vote in the next general election. I would advise other anti-Trumps to think the same way. If every anti/never-Trump voter would vote - they didn't before - Trump would be out of office in 3 and 1/2 years.

A democracy requires citizen action. Not simply hoping the DOJ will do the work for them.

Trump's Real Stock Market VI

by John Jazwiec

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 12.02.37 PM

I have been tracking the Gallup Trump Daily Approval/Disapproval this entire year. 

Why? While any poll can be flawed and biased in their approach, Gallup's daily poll uses the same approach every day, however flawed and biased it maybe. 

Hence, it serves a purpose like a flawed and biased stock market. Its trends and tops/bottoms are relevant within relation to each other. 

The poll is published every day and is a three day moving average. Clearly by Sunday - whatever was/is happening from Friday to Sunday - Trump's disapproval hit a new time high of 62% AND his approval hit a new time low of 33%.

From some recent polling by NBC/Wall Street - with different numbers but nonetheless the same trends - it looks to me like independent/"lets give someone new a try" voters are becoming fatigued by the Trump presidency. 

As always, minus something we don't know, all of this doesn't mean anything until 2020 and how a broken Democratic Party reacts. 

The Parallel Universe Of John McCain And Joe Biden Yesterday

by John Jazwiec


The same day that Trump lambasted his predecessors, Joe Biden gave a moving speech full of bipartitism and love for John McCain when receiving a well-deserved Liberty Medal.

John McCain's speech was one for the ages. Reminding us how special the US is. Reminding us how much good the US has done abroad. And reminding us why reactionary nationalism is contrary to what the US has historically done - which is to defeat nationalism abroad and reduce it to the ash heaps of history. 

John McCain is an American hero. Our wishes go out to him as he fights his current medical battle. John McCain is an inspiration to us all, during these troubled times. And a hope that we may again see Profiles In Courage again.

The Narcissist Bully Who Says His Dog Ate His Homework

by John Jazwiec

Yesterday, Trump encapsulated his entire presidency, when talking about the fallen heroes of Niger.

He was asked why he hadn't talked about the green beret casualties for two weeks. Trump said he "wrote" letters to the families that will go out this week. He clearly hadn't done the homework his high office requires. He was caught off guard. So he deflected like a child who says his dog ate his homework. 

Then he deflected - like a narcissist bully - claiming that President Obama and his predecessors didn't write and call gold star families. That was a lie. Bush and Obama did. They just didn't publicize such a sacred duty. 

Trump also said that it was a hard job to do that. Well it isn't as hard as the families that lost their children.

Just another example, of the presidency defining the character of the man. This man - Trump - has repeatedly proved that he only cares about himself. Yesterday was a sad day for the country. There have been so many over the last 9 months. And unfortunately more to come. 

Trump's Obsession With Obama Is Lethal

by John Jazwiec

Arguably Obama's two signature achievement, are under assault, due to an unhealthy obsession Trump has with Obama that goes back to the birther days. 

Tearing up/modifying the Iran Nuclear Deal. A few facts are in order. First the Iranian nuclear deal - with it being financially front-loaded (a legitimate criticism of the deal) - has been paid for already and Iran is in full compliance. That's not only political naivete, but bad business from a president who claims to be a great businessman. Second, Obama said Iran was a bad actor on the world stage, but parking their nuclear weapons program for a decade, was not only good for Middle East/Israeli peace, but it also let the US focus on one rogue nuclear actor at a time: North Korea. Third, Iran's regime is crumbling. Their people are not going to mosques. Their president - who best represents young/secular aspirations - is buttressed by the benefits of the nuclear deal in maintaining his legitimacy as a change agent. Trump is undercutting the liberalization of Iran and chances of regime change. Finally, fourth and most important, this deal is an international deal. By not honoring international deals, the chance of diplomacy with North Korea will be dealt a death blow. How can an American agreement be trusted in the long-term? Trump's petulant actions with Iran, make a Korean war and a world-wide depression now much more likely. 

Dismantling Obamacare. Why does Trump care about killing Obamacare? Because of the first five letters of the nickname of the landmark legislation. Millions of people are now going to be affected by higher premiums and more people are going to die. Who are these people? A lot of Trump voters. 

Two decisions made from an obsession with tearing down an ex-president with a 57% approval rating. And two decisions that will backfire on Trump. Trump only has himself to blame. 

Making America Great ... In Soccer/Futbol

by John Jazwiec

The US being eliminated in the World Cup maybe a huge disappointment. But I believe it should be a much needed wake up call. And a call to totally change how the US will field a team into the next decade and beyond. 

First, the US doesn't develop players like the rest of the world. In the US, soccer-parents fund the bill for their children to be on traveling teams which play other traveling teams. While the rest of the world, uses its professional franchises as academies - gratis - for children usually beginning at 14. Their coaching is first rate. They pick out the best players, when they decide if they are going to pay them to play professionally. They do so by playing other professional academy teams around the world. 

Second, the US - which arguably, due to the size of the country, has the best athletes - has a major disconnect between athletic talent and soccer players. American athletes are more prone to play football than futbol. Even though most millennials, are totally immersed, in watching their favorite foreign club teams. But millennials also don't want their children playing football, due to potential brain damage. So, they are a ready-to-go market for their children to try to become the next great soccer players. 

Third, the US needs to merge the MLS with the EPL. A lot of the major EPL teams - Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool - are already owned by Americans. They have a major voice at the table. They can convince the other EPL owners to merge with the MLS by giving them stock in MLS franchises. The EPL teams would all become richer by the increase in television rights. The MLS franchises would also. That is why the EPL teams need to take minority shares in the MLS franchises for it to work. Scheduling would start with something like inter-league baseball, where each team plays in the US and the UK for four consecutive weeks. Players - from the US, the UK and the rest of the world - would be recruited/traded/signed. It would end in a some kind of new championship. 

Fourth, the now richer MLS franchises, would be able to build their own academies. Quality coaching. Quality culling by playing other academies. High paying careers with their brains intact. 

So, when will the US be able to compete to win a World Cup? As soon as the MLS is merged with the EPL. If that doesn't happen, nothing is going to change. When it does, 14-year olds will begin a 10+ year process of making America great. 

There are no quick fixes. No great coach to recruit. Only by accepting reality - which is the great opportunity after national humiliation - is the answer.

Democrats Moving To The Middle, May Be The Only Thing That Will Save Us Sans North Korea

by John Jazwiec

There are two movements in both parties that endanger this democracy, assuming there is no outbreak of a war on the Korean Peninsula (more on that in a moment).

The first is the takeover of the GOP by Trump and Bannon. I just wrote about the dark aspects of American Exceptional-ism. Trump and Bannon knew these dark aspects were there and capitalized on them. They own these 30 to 40% of Americans. Trump and Bannon are destroying the last vestiges of the Reagan GOP. They have open contempt for any Republican that isn't a Trump/Bannon-ite. They also know GOP lawmakers are now so hollowed out - due to a party that for too long has made faustian bargains contrary to traditional Reagan conservative values - that they are either resigning or too afraid to stand up against Trump for fear of being primary-ed. They see a new authoritative GOP, within their grasp, by supporting more Ray Moore's and betting the Democrats continue to alienate the middle, so the Ray Moore's will win general elections.

The second, is the Democratic Party seems to be reacting to a "Nixon" with a "McGovern". The liberal wing of the Democratic Party seems ascendent as a counterweight to woo the working class. Such a move - wild reactionary swings - is an historical reflex. There are going to be many center to center-right ex-Republicans left out in the cold. If the DNC continues on its current path, these voters will just sit out the mid-terms. Instead the Democratic Party needs to revolutionize itself into a "big tent" party. Dividing the voters into two plausible homes. The Trump/Bannon home and the anti-Trump/Bannon home. The dark side of American Exceptional-ism and the best aspects of American Exceptional-ism. The best aspects of American Exceptional-ism are shared by both Democrats and soon-to-be ex-Republicans: The greatest high learning in the world. A desire to maintain the longest serving democratic republic in history. The US continuing to be the greatest immigrant assimilator in the world. And maintaining the creative source of popular culture and innovation exportation for the rest of the world.

Forget any notions that Bob Mueller is going to fix this problem. Forget all notions of impeachment. The only way to save this country is by the Democratic Party uniting the 60 to 70%.

Korean Peninsula War Ramifications. Despite saying we have viable military options - we do in name - an attack on North Korea wouldn't just kill millions of people. It would also cause a global depression due to supply chains being interrupted/eliminated and countries that buy our debt not being able to continue to do so. Korea and Japan would be most assuredly crippled by a North Korea counterattack. China would also be deeply affected as well as the rest of the Pacific Rim. China might also feel free to take back Taiwan. And that is the best-case scenario. Bob Corker says Trump doesn't have a plan. Reporting tells us - beyond Corker - that Trump must be managed like a petulant child. 30 to 40% of Americans might not understand nor care about Trump taking preemptive strikes against North Korea. But they sure will, when they begin to suffer the affects from a global depression. 

Admitting The Dark Aspects Of US Exceptional-ism

by John Jazwiec

US Exceptionalism is often a blanket positive term purporting that the US is the greatest country on earth. But "exceptionalism" is rather a state of being, where the US is an exception from the rest of the world. The word exceptional is not only defined as extraordinary - which is rather opaque - but it is mostly defined as uncommon, unusual and atypical. 

Many aspects of America being the exception are positive. The US has the greatest universities in the world. The US is the longest serving democratic republic in history. The US has the greatest history of immigrant assimilation. The US - through its DNA of being entrepreneurial and risk taking - is the source of popular culture and innovation exportation.

But the US has some rather striking exceptions that are negative - 

An inherent mistrust in its federal institutions. This republic and its constitution was formed within the fault lines of states rights and the Second Amendment to enforce it. The genesis was a compromise to deal with slavery. Although slavery was abolished, nonetheless many Americans still have a mistrust in the federal government and feel they need to arm themselves. I know, on my own account, twelve people who have armed themselves with more fire arms than the Vegas mass shooter. They vary by intelligence, socioeconomic conditions and professions. What they do have in common, is second cabin homes, in the wilderness. They are less concerned with personal safety in their normal day-to-day lives - although they do - than they are about the federal government taking their rights away. Their rights are not just about guns and rifles. They are about the complicity they see in the federal government allowing a more "brown" country and the threat they see from the federal government locking them up for hate crimes if they defend their belief that this country must remain a white Christian majority. They fight for gun rights, because they are prepared to retreat to their cabin homes, and fight a war if necessary. The Vegas shooter wasn't unique at all because he had 47 firearms. But he was unique in that he used them proactively. My twelve wouldn't do that. But they would call the NRA and demand such an event doesn't abridge their cache of defensive weapons. You want to know why nothing gets done after mass shootings in this country? That is why. No mysterious force. Just unremarkable people who might live next door to you. Nonetheless, that makes this country an exception.

A mistrust and lack of curiosity about the rest of the world. Worry about a Korean war? Many Americans don't pay attention to world events. It doesn't occur to them that the enemy isn't the federal government. It doesn't occur to them that another enemy could blow up their city by a nuclear bomb. They might not know about the rest of the world, but they also don't understand why there needs to be world-wide cooperation. The roots of this are historical. The US has always seen itself as another separate world unmoored and untethered to the rest of the world due to its geographic isolation. That makes America an exception. 

Knowledge of religion comes before knowledge of anything else. Many Americans make the US exceptional in terms of the vigor of their religious view of the world. No country has so many people that believe the earth is 7,000 years old. No other country teaches their children in school, unscientific facts that are inconvenient to the bible. You wan't to know why so many Evangelicals and Church-going Roman Catholics voted for and support Trump? Its all about the Supreme Court and abortion. 

Donald Trump and the people who wonder why someone so unfit was elected and remains in office have to admit that American Exceptional-ism includes these three world-wide exceptions to the norms of the rest of the world. 

Thus, Trump is the defender of many American's view that the federal government is the enemy. Trump is the defender of gun rights. Trump is the defender of an isolationist America that doesn't care about the rest of the world and the potential kickback ramifications of saber rattling. Finally, Trump is the defender of white Christian sustainability and rollback. 

Only 35% of Americans approve of Trump. But I know some of these 35%. So do you. They live among us. They always have. They are the dedicated descendants of over 230 years of the dark side of US Exceptional-ism. They are baked into this country's DNA. 

I Take Bob Corker Serious

by John Jazwiec

Even after you consider that GOP Sen Bob Corker is retiring, the bluntness and his lack of ambiguity regarding Donald Trump is both troubling and confirmative. 

"I think Secretary Tillerson, Secretary Mattis, and Chief of Staff Kelly are those people that help separate our country from chaos, and I support them very much".

Myself and many others see Trump as someone not fit to be president. I respect the other 40% of the country that doesn't feel that way. But perhaps their needs are not the same as the other 60%.

I want a president that cares about all Americans. Trump doesn't. I wan't a president that is humbled by the office he holds. Trump doesn't. I want a president that is empathetic to other human beings. Trump doesn't. I want a president that understands that drama is a recipe for failure. Trump doesn't. I want a president that works with his cabinet and staff in collaboration. Trump doesn't. I want a president that takes domestic and foreign policy seriously enough to read briefing books. Trump doesn't. I want a president that may disagree with the media - all president do - but respects the 4th estate. Trump doesn't. 

I don't want a president that that talks loudly and carries a little stick. Trump does. I don't want a president who's own finances are entangled with the constitutional power he possesses. Trump does. I don't want a president that is not even-keeled and doesn't stays on message. Trump does. I don't want a president that forces his people to say nice things about him. Trump does. I don't want a president with authoritative tendencies, who want's military parades. Trump does. I don't want a president that doesn't care, that as the head of state, he has to act presidential and in the continuum of its past office holders. Trump does.

To some 60% of us, we worry about the damage Trump has made and can create in the future. Senator Corker confirmed those worries this week. 

Alternative Headline - "Trump Take's The Time To Mention Puerto Rico While Bragging About Saving Money On The Invisible F-35"

by John Jazwiec

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