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Democrats Moving To The Middle, May Be The Only Thing That Will Save Us Sans North Korea
by John Jazwiec

There are two movements in both parties that endanger this democracy, assuming there is no outbreak of a war on the Korean Peninsula (more on that in a moment).

The first is the takeover of the GOP by Trump and Bannon. I just wrote about the dark aspects of American Exceptional-ism. Trump and Bannon knew these dark aspects were there and capitalized on them. They own these 30 to 40% of Americans. Trump and Bannon are destroying the last vestiges of the Reagan GOP. They have open contempt for any Republican that isn't a Trump/Bannon-ite. They also know GOP lawmakers are now so hollowed out - due to a party that for too long has made faustian bargains contrary to traditional Reagan conservative values - that they are either resigning or too afraid to stand up against Trump for fear of being primary-ed. They see a new authoritative GOP, within their grasp, by supporting more Ray Moore's and betting the Democrats continue to alienate the middle, so the Ray Moore's will win general elections.

The second, is the Democratic Party seems to be reacting to a "Nixon" with a "McGovern". The liberal wing of the Democratic Party seems ascendent as a counterweight to woo the working class. Such a move - wild reactionary swings - is an historical reflex. There are going to be many center to center-right ex-Republicans left out in the cold. If the DNC continues on its current path, these voters will just sit out the mid-terms. Instead the Democratic Party needs to revolutionize itself into a "big tent" party. Dividing the voters into two plausible homes. The Trump/Bannon home and the anti-Trump/Bannon home. The dark side of American Exceptional-ism and the best aspects of American Exceptional-ism. The best aspects of American Exceptional-ism are shared by both Democrats and soon-to-be ex-Republicans: The greatest high learning in the world. A desire to maintain the longest serving democratic republic in history. The US continuing to be the greatest immigrant assimilator in the world. And maintaining the creative source of popular culture and innovation exportation for the rest of the world.

Forget any notions that Bob Mueller is going to fix this problem. Forget all notions of impeachment. The only way to save this country is by the Democratic Party uniting the 60 to 70%.

Korean Peninsula War Ramifications. Despite saying we have viable military options - we do in name - an attack on North Korea wouldn't just kill millions of people. It would also cause a global depression due to supply chains being interrupted/eliminated and countries that buy our debt not being able to continue to do so. Korea and Japan would be most assuredly crippled by a North Korea counterattack. China would also be deeply affected as well as the rest of the Pacific Rim. China might also feel free to take back Taiwan. And that is the best-case scenario. Bob Corker says Trump doesn't have a plan. Reporting tells us - beyond Corker - that Trump must be managed like a petulant child. 30 to 40% of Americans might not understand nor care about Trump taking preemptive strikes against North Korea. But they sure will, when they begin to suffer the affects from a global depression. 


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