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Making America Great ... In Soccer/Futbol
by John Jazwiec

The US being eliminated in the World Cup maybe a huge disappointment. But I believe it should be a much needed wake up call. And a call to totally change how the US will field a team into the next decade and beyond. 

First, the US doesn't develop players like the rest of the world. In the US, soccer-parents fund the bill for their children to be on traveling teams which play other traveling teams. While the rest of the world, uses its professional franchises as academies - gratis - for children usually beginning at 14. Their coaching is first rate. They pick out the best players, when they decide if they are going to pay them to play professionally. They do so by playing other professional academy teams around the world. 

Second, the US - which arguably, due to the size of the country, has the best athletes - has a major disconnect between athletic talent and soccer players. American athletes are more prone to play football than futbol. Even though most millennials, are totally immersed, in watching their favorite foreign club teams. But millennials also don't want their children playing football, due to potential brain damage. So, they are a ready-to-go market for their children to try to become the next great soccer players. 

Third, the US needs to merge the MLS with the EPL. A lot of the major EPL teams - Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool - are already owned by Americans. They have a major voice at the table. They can convince the other EPL owners to merge with the MLS by giving them stock in MLS franchises. The EPL teams would all become richer by the increase in television rights. The MLS franchises would also. That is why the EPL teams need to take minority shares in the MLS franchises for it to work. Scheduling would start with something like inter-league baseball, where each team plays in the US and the UK for four consecutive weeks. Players - from the US, the UK and the rest of the world - would be recruited/traded/signed. It would end in a some kind of new championship. 

Fourth, the now richer MLS franchises, would be able to build their own academies. Quality coaching. Quality culling by playing other academies. High paying careers with their brains intact. 

So, when will the US be able to compete to win a World Cup? As soon as the MLS is merged with the EPL. If that doesn't happen, nothing is going to change. When it does, 14-year olds will begin a 10+ year process of making America great. 

There are no quick fixes. No great coach to recruit. Only by accepting reality - which is the great opportunity after national humiliation - is the answer.


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