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Trump's Obsession With Obama Is Lethal
by John Jazwiec

Arguably Obama's two signature achievement, are under assault, due to an unhealthy obsession Trump has with Obama that goes back to the birther days. 

Tearing up/modifying the Iran Nuclear Deal. A few facts are in order. First the Iranian nuclear deal - with it being financially front-loaded (a legitimate criticism of the deal) - has been paid for already and Iran is in full compliance. That's not only political naivete, but bad business from a president who claims to be a great businessman. Second, Obama said Iran was a bad actor on the world stage, but parking their nuclear weapons program for a decade, was not only good for Middle East/Israeli peace, but it also let the US focus on one rogue nuclear actor at a time: North Korea. Third, Iran's regime is crumbling. Their people are not going to mosques. Their president - who best represents young/secular aspirations - is buttressed by the benefits of the nuclear deal in maintaining his legitimacy as a change agent. Trump is undercutting the liberalization of Iran and chances of regime change. Finally, fourth and most important, this deal is an international deal. By not honoring international deals, the chance of diplomacy with North Korea will be dealt a death blow. How can an American agreement be trusted in the long-term? Trump's petulant actions with Iran, make a Korean war and a world-wide depression now much more likely. 

Dismantling Obamacare. Why does Trump care about killing Obamacare? Because of the first five letters of the nickname of the landmark legislation. Millions of people are now going to be affected by higher premiums and more people are going to die. Who are these people? A lot of Trump voters. 

Two decisions made from an obsession with tearing down an ex-president with a 57% approval rating. And two decisions that will backfire on Trump. Trump only has himself to blame. 


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