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A Decision To Write Again
by John Jazwiec

It has been almost two months since my last post. I felt, in the daily reality show that has become Trump, I couldn't keep up. Nonetheless and perhaps due to being reenergized from a hiatus, I have decided to write again. The following are some points, that bridge the past two months to today.

Trump's economic populism - the empty promises to downtrodden Americans, have given way to a more standard Republican driven economic policy of helping the wealthy and paying lip service to the average worker. Our nation's economic populist president is planning on attending Davos? Having read the new book "Fire and Fury" - with all its flaws, did illuminate what drives Trump: himself, daily instant gratification and a life-long frustration of not being an accepted member of the economic elite. The issue for me is less the mental state of Trump, although I am concerned. It is more the state of his hypocrisy and preying on people to vote for him, because they were, are and will be economically fragile. 

I could have picked any day to reenforce that Trump seems to be a racist playing to his "base". But his comment that "brown countries" are "sh*t holes, maybe the the most harmful verbal threat to American values, amongst his other American value dilutions, during his first year in office. And racism isn't the only harmful attack on America. So is his disdain for the constitution and American institutions. He is degrading the US Justice department. He consistently has attacked the nation's fourth estate. He continues to attack the American court system, which by the nature of his oath of office, he is supposed to defend. He lies habitually, including saying he didn't say "sh*t holes a day later. Finally, his crude comments and tweets, has taken a toll on parents trying to raise their children from the darker forces of expression. 

Trump is tearing up people's hearts. Here is a short video of an anchor reporting Trump's vulgar comments of racism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5CpPA3ywxg. I think what made it even more emotional, was the fact that the inspiring tweet came from Bill Kristol, a neocon conservative, who may be far right of center, but nonetheless shares what we all think are nonpartisan universal values. Here is the importance. I have seen the same kind of emotion from many people who are scared and offended by Trump. He is tearing people up and tearing up their hearts.

Collusion/obstruction of justice vs. following the money. The latter gets all the ink. The former is mostly on the news back burner. Note that Mueller's first hires were experts in money laundering. Some Trump condos have seen a 70% increase in LLC buying since being elected. Some LLCs might be just American's hiding the fact that they have bought Trump real estate. But some maybe foreign nationals. And they use cash. Mueller knows collusion and obstruction of justice - which have to clear the high bar on intent - is not worth his investigation if that's all he has. But by following the money, he maybe able to prove where Trump gets his money. And if it is from money laundering, that's not only more significant, but also could show why there appears to be collusion and obstruction of justice. 

Finally, the stock market is entering a dangerous zone.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 9.43.20 AM

The Shiller P-E ratio - that takes into consideration inflation and a 10-year moving average - has a mean of 16. Today that ratio is double the mean. This is the second time the Shiller P-E ratio has topped the 1929 Black Tuesday ratio. The stock market is in dangerous territory. 


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