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Democrats Are Making A Big Mistake
by John Jazwiec

A Democratic vote, it seems now, isn't an idealogical vote. Rather it is a protest vote against Trump and his anti-minority positions - January 17, 2018

Although DACA is a fight worth fighting for - despite Democratic and talking-heads saying a government shutdown will be blamed on the Republicans - this all presumes that Democrats can successfully mount a publicity attack on Republicans.

But Democrats don't fight as well as Republicans. They may be on the right side of history and the people's wishes (DACA has a staggering 87% support amongst the voters according to CBS polling), but they are more than likely to be blamed for a government shutdown.

Despite some GOP senators saying they will not vote for another CR (Continuing Resolution), expect that to change. There will be 50 GOP senators able to vote on the CR. They will all vote to support. Leaving it up to 40 of 49 (John McCain isn't voting and because there is likely to be no tie, Mike Pence will not be voting) Democrats to vote the CR down within the 60 vote filibuster rule. 

As I said before, the Democratic party is nothing more than a Trump protest vote. So the Democrats would be wise to not put themselves in a possible/probable position of carrying the blame of a government shutdown so close to the 2018 mid-terms. 

If a Lindsey Graham decides to vote against the CR ... than go ahead and vote against it. But assuming Graham goes with party over country ... the Democrats have to find more than 9 votes to make the CR pass.

The anti-Trump multi-party crowd doesn't want to hear the likes of a Bernie Sanders lecturing to them. Ditto Schumer and Pelosi. 

So bite the bullet. Vote for the CR. Negotiate on DACA during the February debt ceiling/full fiscal year vote. And just keep the party out of the news until this November.

Losing the battle, with a weak but viable alternative to Trump, will help them and the 60% of us to win the war. 


Shame on the media!
The budget sequester of 2013 under Obama and three members of each party,imposed spending cuts.
Both parties have ignored the law with their spending.
Congress is broken. All these issues are solvable.
Selling drama to the American people is getting old.

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