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From Reince Priebus To Now
by John Jazwiec

After the 2012 election, RNC chair Reince Priebus did an autopsy of the Republican party, and determined that the party had to reach out to minority voters. It was both a tactical and strategic calculation. 

Obviously through Trump, but mostly HRC, on a tactical level, his autopsy was disregarded and maligned. 

But his minority outreach strategy on a strategic level was sound. The nation's demographics - even if we shut down minority immigration - requires GOP minority voters to sustain the party of Lincoln. And it's not just minorities, in themselves, that threaten a non-minority-focused GOP. It's the real danger of changing  demographics in which millennials are more likely to empathize with minorities. Or said another way, they will not accept a country that is not like themselves: comfortable with minority friends. 

Right now the GOP seems to be stuck at the tactical level and going backwards on the strategic level. By their silence on Trump's racist remarks they seem to have decided to give up on the minority voter.

If you thought Roy Moore and Alabama was an anomaly, note Democrat Patty Schachtner scored a 9-point victory in a special election in Wisconsin's State Senate District 10 last night, flipping a district that had been held by the GOP since 2000 and that President Trump won by 17 points in 2016. The district is a rural district. 

Make no mistake about it, the Democratic party isn't as strong as the GOP. Which makes the troubling signs for the GOP in 2018 - Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker called last night's race a wake up call - even more ominous.

A Democratic vote, it seems now, isn't an idealogical vote. Rather it is a protest vote against Trump and his anti-minority positions. 

There is almost certainly going to be a day of reckoning coming. The GOP has to enlarge its tent. When is a question. If is not.


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