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Was Trump's Silence Last Weekend Deafening
by John Jazwiec

Watching Congress, over the weekend, shutting down the government was both dysfunctional and entertaining. Also, as predicted, the Democratic Party brought a megaphone to a gunfight. I can't even use a "knife" or "fist" metaphor - that gives them way to much credit.

A lot of people thought that Harry Reid was just a nice old man when he was the Democratic Senate leader. He wasn't. I could spout all the books I have read that showed how tough he really was behind the scenes. But note this: Reid was an amateur boxer. Chuck Schumer? What's has he been noted for? He likes the camera. Now we know he is an ineffective strategist and a week negotiator. 

But the weirdest part this weekend's national reality show, was Trump's silence and an absence of gloating about the deal. His silence was explained as a tacit agreement with GOP leaders to get out of the way. That seems to defy credibility. Trump doesn't take well to anyone who tries to box him in. Regardless, why no braggadocious victory lap?

Could it have something to do with the fact that Jeff Sessions was interviewed by Mueller's team last Wednesday? Could it have something to do with - as reported by the Washington Post - that Mueller wants to interview Trump soon?

I admit I am on the "grassy knoll" and I am likely wrong.

But that doesn't explain Trump's un-Trump-like behavior over the weekend.


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