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The Real Russian Story
by John Jazwiec

I will leave it to others smarter than me to ascertain the reasons for releasing a memo to discredit the FBI's methods to convince a FISA judge to monitor Carter Page that began in 2013.

But this is what I know and is not being widely-reported within each day's news cycle: The Senate by a vote of 98-2 approved new sanctions on Russia for interfering in the 2016 election. The president - knowing his veto would be overruled by the Senate - signed off on the new sanctions.

The president decided not to implement the sanctions. Claiming the legislation, in itself, was a deterrent.

This despite the widely held claim - Susan Collins included (“We know the Russians have not given up on their disinformation campaign and their attempt to sow discord in this country, and also to undermine faith in democratic institutions") - that they will do so again in 2018.


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