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04/22/18 The Political Realities In Favor Of Trump
by John Jazwiec
  • The economy has continued to improve, from Obama to Trump. Trump is far-better than Obama in taking credit. People care more about the economy, than marital infidelities.
  • Ironically, there is one big-way that Trump's foreign policy is a continuation of Obama's post-Bush foreign policy. Trump is loathe to engage in wars and wants to exit existing wars. Obama, in part, was elected as a rejection of wars of occupation of the Bush administration. Trump has continued to do so. People hate wars. Certainly more than esoteric DOJ claims and Trump's unorthodox style.
  • There is this anti-Trump fantasy, that Robert Mueller will bring down Trump. Mueller - at worst - can only wrap-up with a report to Congress and the American public. Only Congress can - again at worst - initiate impeachment proceedings.
  • Speaking of Mueller - who I believe plays his role by the book, with thoroughness and painstakingly detail/process - nonetheless is endanger of his investigation going on too long. Again, no fault in his job as a responsible special prosecutor. But the longer this goes on, the politics of what he is doing are going to seem to many Americans, that he is indeed on a "witch hunt". 
  • If the Democrats gain a majority in the House, they would need a simple majority to impeach Trump (think of them as the indictors or grand jury). But it would take 67 our of 100 Senate members to vote for impeachment (think of them as the jury). THERE IS NO WAY 67 SENATORS WOULD VOTE TO IMPEACH.
  • Make no mistake about it. Trump is going to run for president in 2020. He will be the GOP nominee. Assuming the same economics hold, Trump has redefined the presidential campaign process. Trump is a street fighter and a champion - in words, not necessarily in actions - for a the working class that feels no one cares about them.
  • To beat Trump - you better bring a baseball bat - as big as Trump's bat. Prose and logic can't beat Trump. A Democrat must be comfortable in such a fight. And, he or she must connect to the working class, and have the credibility to fulfill campaign words with real follow through after the election. 
  • I know everyone says that a Democratic nominee must be younger. But what young Democrat is a ruthless Trump-like fighter? Forget that, which Democrat is a Trump-like fighter? What Democrat has fought for the working class and has credibility?
  • I know of only one. And he is older. Older than Trump. With an concerning expiration date. Joe Biden. Which I believe he can mitigate with a one-term pledge. Biden can go down-and-dirty with Trump and hold his own. Biden was added to the Obama ticket because he is a white working class guy, who has always fought - in a moderate, not Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren way - for white workers. He also can carry the minority vote. 
  • That means - Trump has positioned himself as the presumptive 2020 reelected winner. He has defined any challenger, in such as way, that severally limits the field of challengers. Until proven otherwise, Trump is not only the presumptive winner of the 2020 election, but our president through January of 2015.


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