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Messaging 101- DNC Party House Midterms
by John Jazwiec

Quit watching liberal TV news networks like MSNBC and CNN. Stop believing in the Robert Mueller liberal-fantasy show. Quit saying anything negative about Trump. It only backfires. When people said negative things about Obama, who they personally liked, it also backfired. Stop watching generic polls. They are only generic. This Democratic House landslide being predicted, may align with history, but it isn't in the bag. Oh, and get Bernie Sanders (crazy liberal), Elizabeth Warren (disliked by business) and Nancy Pelosi (disliked by RINOs) off the air. Feel free to disassociate the party from HRC. Finally, the House is gerrymandered. There are only a limited amount of districts a Democrat can win. 

Messaging. 1. Ask how many people have benefited from the tax cuts, besides big company stocks giving out cash dividends to prop up their own stock prices? Where is the rise in median wages? Where are jobs being created? RINO-centric collar county suburbs? After a sobering trip to their tax accountant - who has likely warned them to INCREASE their 2018 withholdings to reflect the new tax law and to make up for what they are already short, as of April 15th - will see that a $12 to $24 thousand standard deduction, is probably short of the state taxes, local taxes and mortgage interest deductions they lost. It's not like they can move tomorrow to another state, locality and a home that costs less. 2. Focus on the disorganization of the White House. No one, who MUST maintain a stable household, can disagree that the White House isn't stable. People have been unvetted, unqualified and fired almost daily. Positions aren't being filled - even with the current Congress. Can't it be argued that a new House majority will help to bring order to chaos? 3. Repeat one and two. Better yet repeat one. No one can remember more than one or two messaging points. One is the best. MESSAGE - 

Where did your money go, over the last two years, besides raising the national debt to unsustainable levels?


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