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Stop Trying To Explain The Mystery Of Trump
by John Jazwiec
Why is Trump blowing up the international Iranian deal that 94% of US diplomatic experts agree with? Why did he open the Jerusalem embassy, that lead to more violence? Why the so-tough American 1920-like tariffs against "foreigners"?  Why pander to white nationalism? Why the emphasis on the NRA? Why the rallies, talking to "real Americans", while pursuing an economic policy that doesn't help them? Why will he not likely suffer any blowback from Mueller's investigation. Why are his fellow House Republican's still his sycophants?
I am tired of people trying to explain the "mystery of Trump". I think it is quite easy to see why Trump does what he does - 
Trump is an interesting mix of Obama-emotional rejection-ism with an all-consuming - mixed with a last-person-in-the-office (see Bolton) confirmation bias - focus on appealing to his base. A focused/strategy that is not as simple as checkers, but most definitely is not three-dimensional chess. His base is in lockstep with the fighting-slugger, who defies intellectualism and the nuances of internationalism, diplomacy and what-comes-next. That is the part Trump cast himself to play, knowing the audience who would watch and enjoy. DANGEROUS? Beyond. Hard to decipher? At least in my opinion, no.
As to his base: let's make some societal conclusions of the times we are living in. Christian evangelicals being a moral check of Trump-ism is laughable. Drive by their churches. They all have white crosses. The buildings are white. And they are more in love with their white cross, than that brown Jesus hippie guy saying the beatitudes. White nativism with its comical crutch for economic or social failure - that just because someone was born here, one or many generations after someone else did the hard work of immigration - is not receding. It preys on itself; especially in our new economy, where only the unique or the poor are in demand for labor. So the white nativists turn to their churches and/or their substance abuses. They don't read. They continue to give up. The only thing that keeps them sane, is to say they are an "American".
Trump-ism is simply a reflection of these and other 2018 societal bifurcated conditions, with people who have identified this growing demographic, pander to it, and line their own pockets. Trump is is the latest iteration of this phenomenon, that was started by Rush Limbaugh, and continued by Sean Hannity. The disenfranchised get their wounds/balmed nationally by singular, common-victim-narratives and they retain what is least-earned: they were borne out of the womb of their legally-status mother.
The real question is this: Will and how long will this tunicate suffice? More importantly, will a GOP or Democratic challenger offer a centrist-solution that can play in Trump House districts? If the choice is free government help vs.staying with a fighter, the Democrats lose. If the choice is an honest and new-21st century method, to create future higher-paying wages vs. the fighter, the Democrats win.
The rest of the news, is noise.


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