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Trump Edits Christian Beatitudes
by John Jazwiec


Blessed are the poor rich: for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven Trump.

Blessed are those who mourn don't care: for they will be comforted unburdened

Blessed are the meek mean: for they will inherit the earth make America great again.

Blessed are those who hunger eat McDonalds and thirst for righteousness Coke: for they will be are filled up.

Blessed are the merciful vengeful: for they will be shown mercy win bigly.

Blessed are the pure in heart liars: for they will see God votes.

Blessed are the peacemakers dividers: for they will be called children of God divide and conquer. 

Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake being un-American: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven a deportation protected by a great border wall.

Merry Christmas.



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