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No Donald, You Didn't Win Yesterday II
by John Jazwiec

Economics 101

Trump's tariff wars are not only taxing the US but are targeting Trump states by design.


Steel prices are up 20% from February due to tariffs. In addition, 900,000 people are employed in jobs that consume steel and only 80,000 people are employed in jobs that produce steel as of today. You don't have to be a mathematician to see the net/net, of the demographic chasm between the two, hurts more American workers than helps them. But any Economics 101 student can see that any consumable - like buildings - will see prices rise and is thus inflationary.

China retaliates against soybean imports

Soybean prices - the largest agricultural product made in the US - have declined 15% in the last month in a steep and steady daily decline that shows no sign of abating. 

What are the top states that produce soybeans? Swing states, including Iowa, Indiana and Missouri, that have Democrats running for reelection. 

China, the EU and Mexico retaliate against whiskey. 

The company that makes Jack Daniels - headquartered in Kentucky - has seen an 18% drop in their stock price. Why target whiskey? Call that a Mitch McConnell political tax for complicity with Trump.  


Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement

Now it is clear that Justice Kennedy's words regarding American institutions was a deliberate signal to the US Senate to be considered when voting on his replacement. He shoehorned that in a day before he announced his retirement. 

Also to be considered is the precedent of William Rehnquist in US vs Nixon in 1974. Rehnquist was nominated by Nixon and recused himself in the vote. 

Expect the Senate to ask any replacement candidate for Kennedy two questions. Would he (a) recuse himself in any matter with the Court and Donald Trump and (b) would he expect Neil Gorsuch - another Trump appointed justice - to do the same?


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