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Trump Isn't The Problem, We Are
by John Jazwiec

I don't know if Trump is a racist. But I do know that about 33% of this country is and has been racist for a long time. I don't necessarily mean KKK-like racism. I am talking about a third of our people who want the country to maintain a healthy lily white Christian majority forever kind of racism.

That's why this 33% wants zero-tolerance immigration. That's why this 33% supports family separation at the border. That's why this 33% feels like Trump had to unfairly cave on family separation. 

This 33% are not economists. In 1940, there were about 100 million people in the US. Today there are about 350 million. GDP per Capita has risen from under $1,000 to $55,000 per year. Some of that is inflation. But most of it, is because immigration drives new businesses, fills jobs at the high end and fills jobs at the low end. Because the US economy and GDP, is 70% based on consumerism, the more people the country has - regardless of color - the more spending occurs and the more GDP and GDP per Capita rises. People forget that little immigration was allowed in the 1920s. That in part led to the stock market crash (rising stock price expectations without increased demand from population increases). It also hurt the 1930s recovery. But in 1940 until Trump, immigration rates have been remarkably constant.

But what about the other 67%?

Too many don't read and keep up with current events. And even if they do, their own problems and/or cognitive dissonance, dismisses events.

Too many weigh atrocities against what is going right instead of making a stand against atrocities. 

Too many make a similar rationale when faced with a binary protest vote. They don't like the other candidate more or don't vote at all.

Too many march reactionary-wise to send a "message". Instead of biding their time and voting and organizing voter drives.

Too many anxiously follow the news and want Robert Mueller to solve the problem. That is not only a fantasy, but an abdication of responsibility.  

Too many people don't realize that only about 1/2 of people eligible to vote, do in fact vote. And the percentage falls every year. Especially in mid-term elections.

The question is really this in November - who are we? We know 33% are today's form of racists. But we don't know who the other 67% are.

We will know in November.

Trump's 2016 election showed Trump wasn't the problem; he was the symptom. And it just wasn't the 33%.

Will this change in November? IMO the odds are no better than 50-50.


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