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Is Trump Putin's Agent And/Or The Guy At The End Of The Bar
by John Jazwiec

If Trump isn't doing Putin's bidding, he certainly looks like he is. Why?

The American century, has been built through the defense of NATO and free trade with Canada and the EU. Trump is as of this writing tearing down these underpinnings. Why?

NATO EU spends more money on defense than Russia. Trump doesn't seem to grasp that concept. Why?

He is scheduled to meet with Putin in Helsinki next Monday without notetakers and anyone else in the room? Why?

It is either because Putin has coopted him and/or his base likes the fact that he seems like the drunk guy at the end of the bar being a know-nothing, know-everything simpleton.

As to the latter, his base pats themselves on the back for living in a country with two great oceans of separation. They pat themselves on the back for being true Americans, just because they were born in an American hospital, seemingly forgetting that their forefathers and foremothers were the true heroes. Caring about the complexities of the fruits of democratic alliances and Economics 101? They are confined to the bars of their own cities. If they have any broader visibility, it is restricted to their own states. Europe and Canada? They don't even know anything about another state for god sake. 

Trump belittling a foreign sounding - but pro-American - NATO leader? They eat that up.

If Putin - who is surrounded by NATO - could find, in his wildest of dreams - a better play/captive than Trump to tear NATO down and rid himself of the sanctions - he seams to have found one.

Jefferson said that American democracy depends not just on elections, but on every American having the courage to speak up as a patriot every day. I take those words to heart. What has been going on for the last 18 months and what is going on now and next week should make citizens, who know and care more than the local bar, speak up as well.


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