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Make Russia Great Again - The Bigger Picture
by John Jazwiec

With the exception of Trump being defensive about the Mueller probe; the biggest tell in Helsinki, was Trump's cringeworthy non sequitur argument against Russian meddling. "No Collusion. No collusion".  That's the equivalent of testifying against a bank robber, being asked if you believe that person robbed the bank and starting your argument by saying you had nothing to do with the bank job. So if Trump (a) doesn't have anything to hide and (b) is telling the truth; he is 100% guilty of sounding guilty, 100% of the time.

But I want to pivot to the larger picture here. Give the reader another prism to watch what Trump and the GOP are doing. 

Trump might not have read about history, but the early 20th century GOP - the one TR tried in vain to reform - was an isolationist party. it was anti-immigration, anti-trade/pro-tariff, wary of foreign "allies", and saw no need to be the leader of the free world.

World War II and FDR set up the world order we enjoy today. Truman set up our stance against Russia/Soviet Union. Eisenhower hewed to those policies. Nixon did too. Reagan solidified this doctrine in the 1980s, seemingly eradicating the early 20th century GOP. Both Bushes followed his script. 

Today, Trump has remade the GOP into its original early 20th century form. He has built a coalition that is a sizable minority that has bought into this new party.

Today, GOP Never-Trumpers and Republicans who sparingly speak out against his policies and behavior completely miss the point. They are outsiders in the new GOP. 

Again going back to history, dissatisfaction of Democrats in the 1850s, led to a more broader tent Republican Party and their political ascendency. Reverse the names. Why hasn't the Democratic Party pitched a broader tent for dissatisfied Republicans to switch parties?

If Never-Trumpers and Republicans fail to recognize they don't belong in today's early 20th Century GOP; Democrats fail to provide them a new home.


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