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America - The Best Foster Home's New Abuser-In-Chief
by John Jazwiec

Every 4 to 8 years, this great foster home, gets a new daddy (and hopefully someday a new mommy) to run it.

My new foster dad doesn't pay attention to me. He only cares about himself. He can't read me bed time stories, because he is too lazy to read.

My new foster dad doesn't get along with other foster dads and moms. Well that's not quite true, he gets along with the mean ones that act like him.

My new foster dad abuses me and most of the foster kids. He calls the girls "dogs". He calls black kids " the n-word". He says kids of color are "from shit hole countries". And he won't let new kids into the foster home and separates them from their parents.

My new foster dad lies and cheats. Not once in a while. Ever day. My new foster dad texts us, when we are sleeping with creepy rants. He just always seems pissed off. It seems if we like a TV show or a TV news channel, he wants us to turn it off. 

My new foster dad only likes kids who say nice things about him. Even if the killer at the end of the block says nice things about him, my new foster dad will let him do what he wants. 

My new foster dad is partial to all white kids who can't think for themselves. Must be nice for them. But he turns them into bullies. And that makes the foster home even more abusive. 

My new foster care dad points at Swanson frozen dinner and tells us it is a catered dinning experience. When we complain, he tells us we can't trust our own eyes. 

My new foster care dad said my allowance was going up. Instead, because I am a suburbanite, my allowance is going down.

My foster care dad's friends are getting arrested. He supports them, more than he supports us. 

My new foster care dad is never around. He plays golf with his rich friends. He tells us he is rich, but welches on giving money to charities. 

We hear there is a foster care supervisor, that should be holding this new foster dad accountable. Where are they? I thought this was the best foster care home in the world - for the last 150 years - and had a great tradition. Is that over?

Is there anyone that can help us?


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