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Forget Convention

I am a curious, out-of-the-box thinking, outspoken individual who is motivated by the unconventional. My business insights, business philosophies and successful leadership tips, don’t come from the typical books for CEOs you find on the latest release shelf. They come from things like books on history, classic mythologies, sports and the music of Linkin Park. And although I do read The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, The London Times and the Sunday NY Times voraciously, you’ll never see me picking up a how-to business book or the latest CEO read.

Worth the Risk

I’m all about challenging the status quo – taking risks. Which isn’t always polite. But I stand by what my favorite band, Linkin Park, proclaims – “say somethin’ that you know they might attack you for” – and be willing to suffer the consequences. Because to me, CEO success isn’t defined by the pitfalls that are avoided. Successful leaders show people it’s okay to make mistakes and associate with people who look “the system” in the eye and challenge it.

Tricks of the Trade

My real desire is to motivate people to pick themselves up when they are down and to teach them good leadership skills or, “how to fish,” and build intellectual property so they can not only survive, but thrive. My specialty is strategy and seeing almost all business challenges as a supply chain opportunity.

Break the Mold

This probably isn’t the CEO profile you were expecting. But I haven’t taken the typical CEO career path. That’s the point. Whether I’m teaching an MBA course, marketing brands, positioning a business or rebranding products, my goal is to connect people with artists and reading materials grounded in research and classics. To enlighten them with business insights that are far from cookie-cutter. Because molds cannot hold when the consistency of the dough keeps changing, and this is one guy who’s never fit any.

From athletic scholar and satirist to computer programmer to CEO success, John Jazwiec brings a unique and often eccentric perspective to business and supply chain challenges. Exploring how they can be solved through the leadership and communication insights found in untraditional sources. This CEO blog demonstrates how business insights from books on history to the music of Linkin Park can help challenge and redefine “successful leadership.” Read Jazwiec’s Profile >>

Hierarchy of corporate success

What does it take for businesses to break out of bad habits and succeed?
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November 2009